Why do some guys try to be friends with women who are in relationships?

Once I find out a woman is taken, I back off and don't talk to them again. If they want to be my friend, I'd reject it. I feel like that is wrong and I don't want to fight an angry boyfriend. However, guys at my college do not care and will try to be their friend even when they say they're taken. I wouldn't do it. Why would other guys do it?


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  • I can understand being her friend, but actively "trying" to be her friend in the hopes of getting with her? That's crazy.

    • That's what it seems like is happening. I could be wrong.

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    • Once she says boyfriend, I end the conversation

    • Thanks for MH! Stick to your morals : )

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  • There's nothing wrong with just having a hi-bye, casual friend. It doesn't automatically mean they want screw their brains out. However, being friends with someone who is in a relationship is fine as long as they aren't trying to hook up with the person.

  • Isn't that emotional cheating? When some guy comes into her life AFTER she got a new boyfriend.


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  • I am friends with a girl who has a bf, we have been out at least 4-6 times in the last year just her and I. I don't try to pursue her, I know that she is in a relationship. I even said, your bf doesn't care, and I have met the guy a few times.

    The girl and I worked together, we don't talk on a daily basis at all, I wish we did as I do not have much contact with anybody, but if we go out nothing happens in the department of love or dating, and I wouldn't try unless she actually said something about leaving her bf and looking for a new guy or something. and I don't even know if I would because I like the friendship and I think she is a really cool person. is she relationship material, sure, would I date her? if she didn't have a boyfriend, sure. I was really interested for years before I knew she had one. but I never say anything.

    So I think that it is fine to have friends of the opposite sex as ling as you are completely avoidant of the dating/relationship arena. and as long as you can be completely open about your friendship if you have a partner.

  • it doesn't mean there is sinister intent.