Ditching at last minute?

So I've been seeing this guy for about a month (not officially boyfriend and girlfriend, but we aren't seeing other people) and we have been hanging out practically everyday until just recently when he ditched me at the last minute. And now suddenly he's busy for like the next week. But what really confuses me is that he says he really likes me and that I'm "amazing". So I'm just wondering what you guys (and girls) think.


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  • he might be having a change of heart.

    theres nothing much you can do because if you try to get close to him you might just push him farther away.

    just wait and see what he does...

    • Well maybe, he still comes and see's me at work everyday during his lunch break and right when he gets out of work, and he texts me all day when he's at work, and he calls me everyday. I mean, maybe he really is just busy....I mean he did have a legitimate reason to bail out on me the other day, because it was with his dad, but still. It just seems kind of weird though. I'll give it time and see what happens.

    • He said he was busy all of next week right? just wait until that's over and see what happens.

      cant really do much more . good luck

    • Yeah he said he's busy for like the next week. I'll just wait it out and see what happens. Thanks.

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  • maybe your just boring

    • Now I definitely know that's not the case, but thanks anyways =)

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    • U never know there might be another girl

    • There definitely isn't another girl.... because if there was then he doesn't see her very often.

  • wait till the next week..


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  • Is it so hard to believe that a guy is legitimately busy when he says he is?

    Guys don't waste their time seeing a girl every day for that long if he isn't getting something out of it, or hopes to in the future.

    You've been hanging out every day for a month? That's a lot of chillage. Maybe even too much. But he still does it. So that's a good sign.

    Give it a while before you jump to conclusions. The week away from him sucks, but it should be a pleasant breather after a month of seeing each other every day.

    I think he'll be back.

    • No of course I don't think that a guy can be legitimately busy when he says he is, I guess I was just kind of curious just because it was way out of the blue. And it has been nice to have some time to myself. Thanks for answering.

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