Does the guy I like not care about me, or is he busy.

Arranged to meet the guy I've known for few months, took me a while to show interest as I wasn't sure how to as I'm shy. Other day I gave my number to him without him asking for it. He took it and said he would call. He called the same day asking me out, but I was busy so we rearranged

I felt terribly guilty for not being available even though I'd already arranged to help my sister out days before.

He seems like a nice guy bit reserved but gets bit confident to try impress me when I'm around him and we have great banter and undeniable chemistry.

I called him to prompt a ring back as I didn't want to seem annoying as I knew he was at work. He called back seconds later saying hi just at work, he sounded fed up and down about something. He said I sound bored I said yeah I am. He said want to meet later I said yeah sounds good. Said he would call after work.

Haven't spoke to him since two o'clock and now he's phone going straight to voicemail. I feel so stupid. I tried calling just now and its now on. So I feel like he doesn't care :/

I tried my best but I feel like my efforts are unnoticed and the caring guy I thought he appeared to be I'm not sure he is that way. What do I do?

I sent him a voicemail saying he's rude and texted saying how I thought he was a good guy. An I made it clear I'm not easy. No response either. :/


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  • I think he's just prett buisy

    • Ok but do you not think it was bit rude to not let me know at all. When I was busy I let him know.

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  • Forget him. Guys that do that are useless and a waste of time. They play games because they haven't grown up. Who wants to be with a flake? I put up with that shit for 6 years. Don't chase him. Wait for a gentleman who will chase YOU because YOU are worth the chase!