Should I want something serious with her 2 months before the summer holidays? Or should I wait it out till after?

Went out with some childhood friends last night and I instantly had my eyes on a cute friend of his.

We got to the nightclub and about an hour and a half later I went out for a smoke with my closest mate. He tells me that the girl I like (Lisa) was asking about me and where I had gone.

I knew she had something for me just from that, so as soon as I saw her I was all over her haha. I kissed her cheek and she held my hand, and 30 mins later her friends push her towards me and we made out :)

I got her number and she sent me a message earlier this evening asking me how I was and how my friend who had passed out was too.

Thing is, I do like her, and I do want to date her for sure, but with 2 months left till the summer holidays I don't think I'll see her much :(

Should I date her regardless, or should I wait till I come back after the break?


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