Girls: Is there some sort of significance to her texting me this?

There's this girl and it seems we like each other but it's kind of "in limbo" where we are trying to figure out what the other person is feeling... she texted me "I have a question" and at that time I was like "oh man, she's going to ask something about our relationship". However, she proceeded to send me these THREE texts in a row before I replied...

"How many of the assignment questions do you have to do" (She knows the answer to this already)
"Like, do you do every single one of them?"
"Haha you probably thought I was asking a question about something more important sorry"

I found it odd that she asked a question she already knew the answer to, then said that... any significance?


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  • hmm... it could be that she chickened out of asking about your relationship, it could be that she was teasing you, trying to get you all worked up about it, or it could be that she honestly forgot and then realized afterwords what it looked like... My money's on one of the first two though.


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  • she likes you! go for it!! she's trying to find excuses to talk to you!


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