Why do guys text instead of call and why do guys not send their picture?

I posted a personal ad online and I got a response. I've been talking with the guy that responded to me for at least 3 weeks now. We haven't met yet. We were going to last weekend but then when it was close to the time to meet he decided it wasn't time because we haven't really talked. I sent him a picture of me and he said I look beautiful but he never did send me a picture of him. He said he really doesn't trust the internet. He told me if we decided not to talk he said I might post his picture for revenge or something. We've only been texting not talking over the phone voice to voice. I've mentioned it to him a few times and he says of course we will. Then I don't hear from him for a few hours so I text him every few hours and see what he's up to but with no response back. He tells me he's busy..should I believe him? He has some personal issues he's trying to deal with. I just don't get why he doesn't want to call and hear my voice. Any thoughts?


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  • Skip over him. He sounds way too shady. I'm guess you are using craigslist (cause you said ad) and I have used it too. I put in the ad that I will not respond to anyone who doesn't send a pic in their first message so I don't have to deal with what you're going through. Most of the guys are trying to have sex and you are getting to see how desperate they are.

    He probably knows he doesn't look good and that is why he won't send a photo. I personally recommend you just stop responding to him and reply to a message that has a real photo in the first message and if you feel the need to, request multiple photos. It's not superficial as so many guys will resort to fake pics. I even had a someone reply to me not believing my photo was real and that it was going around m4m (which makes ya wonder why "she's browsing m4m right?) and I've yet to have a problem with it.

    Craigslist is a really really tough area to find dates in and I also recommend more structured sites (but not paid) as emailing on craigs is so tough.

    • Yes I know I was taking a chance in posting there but I've been to other online dating sites as well with no luck. He says he's not looking for sex but looking for a LTR like me. I posted in my ad saying I'm not looking for sex but looking for a real relationship. But thanks for your response.

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    • I was thinking that too but he sorta in a way makes a good point as to way. I can't really explain it the way he says it.

    • I mean as to why he won't share his photo. I thought it sounded a bit shady too. I just don't know what to believe.

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