How long should I wait before I call a guy back after he was upset with me?

The guy I have been dating for a long time, got upset with me because I sent him a text message about wanting to spend more time with him. I was only asking for 1 date every other week because I know he was busy. His business is just taking off, he broke his phone and it was a week before I had spoken to him. He IM'd me that he lost his phone. I sent him a message back but he didn't get it. When I called him, he was upset, about the text, his busy work schedule. He said don't fret about it tonight and that he couldn't talk in depth because he was still on the road. We haven't spoke in 3 days. How long should I give him to cool off?


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  • If he's still into you and wants to make things work out, irregardless of his work and schedule, then he will contact you. You gave him space and consideration... Let him return the volley...or you walk away.


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  • I'd give it a week

    • Thats what I was thinking.

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