Can you turn a pay-as-you-go phone into one with a contract?

- I want to buy a pay as you go phone, but i want internet, so I may end up wanting a phone with a contract. Can you switch from one to another?


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  • It depends on pay-as-you-go phone and carrier. I have a pay as you go phone and I get INTERNET. But if you plan on getting a contract, it would be cheaper and easier just to get the phone and contract bundled.

    • But don't contract phones get internet everywhere? Are pay as you go phones only able to get internet in wifi areas?

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    • (sorry for the ignorant questions haha) So isn't that the same as one w/ a contract? Is there a difference?

    • Yes, I have a tracfone.

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  • in the long run, you'r ebetter off just getting a phone with a contract. itll be cheaper, technically

  • no. ATT will make you get a new sim card

    • really? wow :/

    • you are better off with the pay as you go because you know what your paying for, with the contract plans, they got bs charges. $50.00 means $50.00 (minus sales tax and all)

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