How should I deal with this friend who plays text games/ignores me?

He's admit feelings and everything... Also said he's not good at relationships and with girls... He 100% toys with me. It's off and on. It upsets me so much, like a cat and mouse game. We don't get to see eachother much so we text mostly.

What should I do? I feel so silly playing the games right back. He KNOWS I'm always near my phone. And I know he's always got his on him, and he's always on it.

I feel hurt. And angry and upset when he does this. What should I do? Really ignore him back? When I have, he then turns around and takes up to a day to reply, last time it took him two days to reply because I'd not replied to him for two days (I was upset with him and shut off notifications from him).

I feel tangled in this. Like very caugh up in an unhealthy cycle. I don't know how to break the cycle.

I would like us to be friends but clearly I have feelings (as does he). But it's the being ignored and the text games that are a killer. He doesn't have to talk to me nearly as much as he does, which is every day. I just can't handle being ignored or toyed with anymore. It hurts too much.

What should I do, what can I do, to detach? I hate to admit it but wouldn't mind giving him a taste of his own medicine. If I did it on purpose, I know what would happen though. And it would just hurt. :-/


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  • Yeap. I think just LEAVE him. The reason is he doesn't even have the thought to invite you out! Texting too much is unhealthy...

    • We aren't too local but yes I'm sick of the texting. The games in particular

    • Yes, then why're you waiting for a guy who doesn't make an effort to come and see you instead just wasting time texting back and forth?

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