Are some guys not into texting?

In a very middle school like way, through the grapevine, I heard a friend of mine is interested in me. Generally if a guy doesn't text me back much, I assume he isn't interested, and he maybe responds to one in three texts I send him. Because of this I now only bother to text him maybe once every 2 weeks. Yet, when all of our friends are together, if I ever walk away by myself, he follows me and talks to me. He also seems to always sit/stand beside me. Should I trust my assumption that if he were really interested, he'd make more of an effort to communicate with me, even when we aren't in the same place? Or are some guys just text-phobic?


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  • I used to text a lot to this girl, until i became needy because of texting too much+miss her and asking her to be my bf cause i dont know the fundamental of texting/calling.
    Texting/calling is for SETTING UP FOR A DATE. I can't stress this enough, If both of you text too much, the chance is condition might be awkward if you both meet up together cause there are less topics to be discussed about.


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