Asked guy on a date...haven't gotten back to me on what day yet...what does it mean?

I have been talking to a guy i met on a dating site...and we have been texting back and forth for about 3 weeks almost and during our 3rd week of chatting...i decided to take the initiative in asking him on a dinner date. He told me "he would love to but he doesn't know when exactly" cuz he has work and school. So i told him to get back to me...he said he wil. So then when Tuesday comes we still text and stuff but no answer about our date but its cool ya know stil early...Wednesday comes we talk no answer then at night he was like definitely this week thats good give me security. Now todays Thursday he still hasn't gotten to me about our day. So im just confused. Guys tell me whats going on?


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  • Wait and see what's going on. No one here can tell you what's up with him. But just know, if he is into you, he will make it happen and make time for you. If not, then there's your answer.


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