How can I convince people that my guy friend and I are just friends?

Sorry this is long.

So I have this guy friend and we've been friends for about 2years. We became really good friends really fast.

Like a month after we became friends, we were good friends. All of our friends thought that we liked each other and were insisting that we need to date each other. We kept trying to tell them we had no feelings for each other what so ever. No matter what we said they didn't believe us. We sibling-zoned each other at some point. This went on for like 5-6 months before it stopped.

It started all over again when school started back up. Then after like 2 months I talked to my friends an begged them to stop. Like a month or two later they stopped.

However a month after I posted a picture of him doing something stupid on Facebook and then people at our church started saying we like each other and asking when were going to start dating. He talked to the guys an it stopped for about two weeks, until he sat next to me at a hang out. We were on a 2 person couch with like 4 people so we were all really close.

We both kinda have flirty personalities and don't always know when we are flirting, so I can kind see how some people think we might like each other. But we act the same way around each other as we do with other people. Our friends know this is who we are.

Him and I are really good friends and we always have been. We kinda have a brother/sister Friendship.He's basically my only guy friend right now and I don't want to loose our friendship. We are both kinda really annoyed with this situation continuing to repeat, I don't want it to affect our friendship. We don't really hang out much outside of school or church, because we don't want people to think we are dating.

We have talked several times, with just us two, and we've said we don't like each other.

Is there anything we can do or say to get people to stop or make them understands we don't like each other?


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  • Yeah, the more you both TRY to explain, the more they will say you both are together. Perhaps, you both should not go out together with bunch of friends always.


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  • If your not blood than I wouldn't even acknowledge him as a friend eff that bs


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