Why did he show interest and arrange to meet me yesterday but not turn up, could be of been busy?

conversation, asking how I am and always got loud around me like he wanted my attention. He would say are you daydreaming etc.
I could tell he wasn't sure how I felt so I knew if I want to know him more I got to give my number. So I did on Tuesday this week, two hours later he rings says he's finished work and would like to pick me up and take me out. Two days before this I already arranged to babysit so I had to let him down and I said we can do it another time. He said yeah why not he sounded disappointed. We said Friday

Then on Wednesday evening I text him saying hey let's meet tomorrow as I felt bad that I couldn't make Tuesday. I then prompt called he rang back and sounded down, I said how are you he said yeah ok just at work, he said I sounded bored I said a bit yeah. He asked if I wanted to meet I said yeah. He asked if I lived alone and who was at mine , and said we could go his or go out. I said out would be good. He said ok ring you when I finish. He told me Tuesday he finishes at four each day. I was ready four o'clock came and I received no calls :/ so then I ring and straight to voicemail, I witheld to see if he blocked me but it was clear phone was off or no signal. Guess he got busy but I felt bad he didn't let me know and now I'm thinking is it because I wasn't available Tuesday. Tried ringing today. Voicemail again what do I do :(


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  • Personally, I think he feels that your interest level in him is not something to write home about. From his perspective, you rejected a date with him on Tuesday, then you admitted to being bored when you called him on Wednesday, which he may have interpreted as being the reason for your call. Consequently, he now feels "why bother" pursuing you.

    Send him a text message or leave a voicemail voicing your concern for his well being, since you haven't seen or heard from him. Then, do nothing. Do absolutely nothing.

    If his battery is dead or if his phone is temporarily inoperable, he will get your message when he resolves the issue (s). If he is genuinely interested in you and remorseful about leaving you hanging, he will respond. And if he isn't, then he will not.

    • I had a commitment I couldn't get out of :/ I felt terrible! Yeah I figured sounding bored may make him think that's why I want to meet but it wasn't just because of that I actually like him. Very true I guess

  • The ball is in his court. You tried arranging something. You've called a couple times to find out what's going on. You have made your feelings known.. Now it's up to him.

    • Yeah I agree. Maybe as I was busy Tuesday and I said to re-arrange he thought ball was in my court so now he's not met up with me its back in his. I just hate games though. So I have to wait :/

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