Had a great first date, but she went silent after that?

I recently went out with a girl and had a great first date. I met her first for a glass of wine at her place. We talked for a bit and I met her dog. The dog loved me. I took her to a very nice restaurant; which was coincidentally one of favorite places. We had great conversation, amazing chemistry, and a lot in common. It was even suggested by both parties that it would go further than one date. After a few hours, I took her back to her place and she invited me in. We had a glass of wine and watched our favorite show. Things continued to go well. We held hands and I put my arm around her. She seemed to enjoy that. Before the night concluded, I asked if I could see her again and she happily agreed. However, after the date she went silent. I texted her mid week. She responded with short answers and some light joking. I didn't have much to go on. I haven't heard from her since. What's going on and how should I proceed?


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  • Women do what they want. So, from the evidence provided, she either:

    A: doesn't like you and was being polite during the date to "spare your feelings"


    B: she found someone else that she likes better.

    Either way, if she wanted to talk to you and see you again, you can bet your ass she would. She would be texting and talking to you and trying to set something up.

    You can reach out to her again if you like, but odds are good that she's picked up and moved on.

    • I will reach out to her one more time, but I'm not going to be "that guy" who hounds her or doesn't know when to walk away.

    • That a boy! Know when to move on. There are plenty of other girls out there.

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  • Lookin joooooocey brah.

  • I didn't read anything about you kissing her. She might have felt rejected by that

    • I didn't kiss her. I didn't want to do too much the first date. Plus, I've made attempts to contact her since. I wouldn't think she would feel rejected. I wanted to kiss her, but didn't want to rush anything.

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    • She did do that and I didn't want to assume anything. I'm usually not good at reading girls. Then again, what guy is? Lol! Plus, as said before, I didn't want to move too fast. I was hoping to save something for our next meeting should it happen.

    • I don't know , I'm terrible with girls. I can't read them either. I have my thoughts on what to do in certain situations, but I don't get in those situations that often.

      Hope you hear from her again!

  • A lot of girls like to play hard to get and rarely texts the guys first

    • That is true, but in this case it's hard to tell. Leading up to the date, she was quick to contact me if she hadn't heard from me in while. This isn't the case now.

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