Why don't guys reply back to texts?

I've been dating this guy for a while now and there was a period where we didn't talk for a week and didn't even see each other for two weeks and I just left him alone and gave him some space because I know he was busy. But he asked me when I was free this week because I asked to see him and I told a day we could hang put but he never replied back!! I know he is a bad texter but why not reply back a yes or no would be sufficient! This is a concern because I am going to run into him at a conference we will both be attending this weekend. I don't know if i should play this off when I see him or text him now and jokingly ask why he didn't reply? What should I do? I know he is busy but he could at least be able to give a quick reply and he was one who ask which days I'm free!!!


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  • Depends how you're texting. In my experience with texting, ladies have always been slower at getting a conversation up to speed.. But when they're up to speed shutting them up is the next problem!

    Be conscious in the conversation and ask the right questions.

    You care for a role play? Lol


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  • Please, try to avoid generalized tittles such as "Why don't guys reply back to texts?" when the matter is NOT gender-specific. Girls are just as [un]likely to text back as guys are and for the same reasons. The reasons include:

    1) They're busy
    2) Their phone is broken
    3) They don't like you

  • Some of the guys I know only text when they want something.


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