Should a text him after 2 months?

Two months ago I went for lunch/drinks with a guy I met online. We talked for 2.5 hours. He seemed a bit nervous but otherwise we seemed to enjoy each other. After he went to give me a kiss on he cheek as he is European but it threw me off guard. We laughed it off and he walked me to my car. He texted me right when he got home and we joked for a bit. I texted him the next day back and forth and he kept the convo going and used lots of emoticons. And then I haven't heard from him since. I was thinking of just texting him to see how he is doing and if there is anything to reignite. Should I do it or would that be desperate?


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  • Don't do it, it will give him the wrong idea, and yes, you are coming off as a little needy, x


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  • Something in that old conversation can be tied to some current event or happening that he might appreciate and make him remember those good times past. Post/texting this news item to him.. and others weekly should do the trick, unless a GF is intercepting.


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