How would you be mad at someone for spoiling TV show for you?

So I unintentialy spoiled the next ep for my SO about next ep of game of thrones. I said something that might happen still don't know yet but they mad at me. I would be too but I don't care about spoilers as much as other people. I still enjoy watching a show even though I know what will happen. Will SO be mad for a while? Willbhe get over it or no?

Wow he really mad at me. :(
It seems guys take their TV shows more seriously than girls.


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  • I actually threw the tv out the window once in a fit of rage over this.

    • Wow you must really liked the show.

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    • Did you ever make up with the person who spoiled the show for you?

    • Yeah but I'm not buying him a new tv.

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  • It doesn't matter until I've experienced it myself so I don't believe in spoilers. The only way they could spoil it form me is if they stood in front of the TV when the show was on screaming the whole time.

    • Same here. I don't know what will happen till I see it for myself.

    • Even if I knew it's a richer more detailed experience that matters the visuals, the sounds, costuming and dialogue

      Not just this happens, then this happens, then this happens lol

  • I can't stand when people does that to me. It's soo annoying, especially when the person watched it before I did and tries to tell me what happens, knowing what's going to happen or did happen makes the show less enjoyable.

    • I actually don't know what will happen. I just said something that might happen.

    • If it's just a guess and actually don't know whats going to happen, he was just going overboard about it.

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  • Wow, what a baby he is. Sure it's not nice when people spoil things for you but it's whatever. It's just a show. He should get over it soon to be honest.

    • How should I make it up to him or should just wait for him to the t me back after the shoew airs?

    • All you can do is basically apologize. But tbh you shouldn't have to get on your knees or beg anything. One apology is enough. If he can't get over it, then it's his own problem.

  • no, i read spoilers often. reading it and seeing it are always different so it doesn't bother me at all

    • I know that's how I feel. he's exaggerating saying I ruined his life. Dunnon if he is kidding or not. Some people take game of thrones very seriously especially guys.

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