Text response time? Another girl he's shifted interest toward or just less interested in me?

So this guy I've been dating for about a month texts me everyday but lately I've noticed he takes alittle longer to respond than before. He still checks on me everyday and is enthusiastic but before he used to be way more eager to keep the convo going throughout the day. Could he have started juggling another girl?


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  • My gut reaction is he's just more comfortable with your situation. In the beginning both people can't wait to see a text from the other person, can't wait to write back, both people are flirting, etc. But once you've been dating for a bit it's better to settle back into a more regular routine. If it bothers you I'd ask him about it, but for now I'd recommend just going with the flow unless you see more signs pointing to a problem.

  • Nah I don't think so
    Maybe just settling in to each other if juggling was going on I'd assume that he'd only call to catch up not to checking to say hi
    He'd have to be doing the groundwork on the newbie


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