First date... Is this a good plan?

I'm going on a date with with this girl, just wanted to know if this was a good plan.
- meet her in the town about 12
- go ice skating (help her learn to skate if needed)
- shop round town
- go to all you can eat restaurant
- then go and watch a movie and the cinema
- wait for her bus to come and then make my way home

What do you think of this first date, would you change anything to make it better. Would love to hear what you think

Thanks for the answers so far I have made one or two changes to the day
I'll only two of the things (which two would you do)
I'll go to a normal restaurant

Just one question what time would you start the date?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Everything is fine except the all you can eat restaurant also known as a buffet. Dont do it. You both will have to keep standing up to get food and not enjoy each other. Go to a restaurant where a waitress takes your order and brings you food. So you can pay attention to her.


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  • I think thats a pretty good plan, Im surprised though, because some guys want to make out and have sex on the first date.

    • I don't think their Is a need to rush things if they want to do anything that's fine but I wouldn't go out my way to do this on the first date

    • you're one of the few that dont and thats a really good thing because some guys will rush things just to get in the girls pants.

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  • Do you know this girl well already? This feels like a lot of activities for your very first date. Typically you'd want to do one or two of the above at most. If things go well and you want to extend the date then go for it. Otherwise I'd recommend dinner and ice skating OR dinner and a movie, etc. And I would avoid taking her to an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Most girls don't like to eat a ton on first and second dates. Guys don't really care, and girls know that deep down, but it's just part of the drill for them. I think they want to be as attractive as possible, and eating a lot doesn't make them feel that way.