Been seeing a guy for over 4 months now and having doubts how he really feels about me?

Ever since the beginning I was never sure how into method guy was. Although he made sure he saw me at least once a week. Now more than 4 months later, I still feel like he's not opening up. I don't know if he's staying around because the companionship is comfortable or what. I know I am on the more attractive side a that he is physically attracted to me. But I haven't slept with him yet because I want the first time to be special and do it when I feel I really love him. But I just don't know the signs that show he's really into me or I'm just good enough for now. I am just having a hard time connecting with him in particular than anyone else in my life. Do I just need to give him more time to open up? Or is this it? Is 4 months not a long time? Should I just end things? I don't know if at my hormones talking but I feel more lonely this week than ever before. Someone please adise.


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  • relax girly don't ruin something that hasn't even started yet you love him or like him don't break up with him fix it this is something you want and he loves you enough to stay with you threw the ups and downs and because he wants to be there for you most guys aren't like that so don't break up with a good guy who is capable of being that guy your looking for or wanting your hormones are definitely talking im sensing your just feeling lonely and that he's the only one you talk to but you can't really express stuff to him if he can't or show any emotions or feelings toward the stuff you go threw i would look at his profiles for interest or likes or hobbies or rethink the stuff you do know about him plan dates around the stuff he likes maybe if you get him in a comfortable setting or doing something he likes he might open up more to you