Did I get my hopes up for nothing?

So been dating this guy for a month now haven't met any of his friends or fam. His birthday is this weekend so I got really excited when he told me he'd keep me posted on plans. Today ( Friday ) we're texting and when I ask him how his week is going he says it's going good and that he has a dinner tonight but will let me know if he does anything afterward. I don't know who the dinner is with but id assume it's for his bday and with friends so should I be offended that he didn't invite me to it and isn't ready to bring me around or am I making a big deal? And if he invites me out later tonight should I go?

I should add that it's been a month but we met online and have only gone on about 5 dates. We text everyday


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  • Honey, you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. He likes you. He has taken you out 5 times. Just because he hasn't taken you out on his birthday doesn't give you a reason to be concerned. Many guys don't even give much thought to birthdays. He may just be eating out with the family for all we know. And if he invites you to go with him that night, then of course you would go, because you want to go, (unless you had something else planned).


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  • yes you should hang out with him if you like him and want more with him you will take every opportunity you get and hang out with him plus it will just bring you guys closer and don't rush time because if you don't expect anything you will end up with a lot more from him i would wait on his terms because you don't wanna come off pressuring or clingy and don't make it a big deal because he might make plans after to hang out with you sometimes guys like private time with there friends you gotta allow guys to have guy time with his friends and family time with his family and give it a couple months before expecting anything serious or wanting anything serious its best to get him attached first and wanting to do stuff on his own terms it will mean more to you it will show that he cares and wanted to get serious with you when he's ready to

    • Great advice! Sooo he never ended up texting after his "dinner"? :( it's 1am now :( should I lose hope now? I just think it's rude he hasn't at least told me something

    • lmfao sorry i checked my time im like she's right it is 1am and i would't loose hope sweetie because guys do get tired and surprizingly the bad stuff we think guys are doing some are truly not and so i would just stay positive because life can be pretty tiring especially if your carrying on a lot of your parents responsibilities or family after all we don't know how crazy his life is yet so hang in there and give it time.