Do your friends opinions determine who you date or don't date?

A lot of guys have always overlooked me because I am not pretty. I haven't had too many relationships.

I just got into a relationship with this guy who I've liked for a while. He apparently liked me for a while too, but he didn't tell me because we work together. We've only been together for a month, and things have been great. We got along great, and we're both happy. It doesn't interfere with work at all.

I just found out recently through one of our mutual friends and coworker that his friends want him to dump me. They think he can get any beautiful girl that he wants, and they can't figure out why he wants to date a girl that looks like me. From what I heard, he got in a fight with one of his friends over it because his friend called me funny looking.

I'm starting to get worried that he's going to listen to his friends. This guy is a great man, he is everything I look for in someone. And he said the same thing to me when we first got together. But I'm worried since his friends make such a big deal out of it that he might listen and break up with me.

Would you listen to your friends if they thought a girl/guy wasn't good enough for you?

By the way, these guys have never taken the time to get to know me. So it's not because they think I am a bitch or anything. It's because they think I am just not physically attractive enough for him. He's 36 and I am 27.


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  • My friends don't influence any decisions i make. I'm an individual and can think for myself. I do respect friends opinions as long as they aren't immature or mean spirited like the opinions of your boyfriends friends that you listed above.
    Don't be afraid. If he breaks up with you because his friends think you're ugly, oh well, the relationship was not meant to be. He'd be doing you a favor by breaking up with you if he listened to those clowns. Just saying.

    • Guess you're getting Most Helpful since you're the only one who answered unfortunately. Thank you. I like your answer, don't get me wrong. It's just that I was really hoping to get a bunch of opinions on this. It's the reason I asked this on this site. Normally my questions get at least five or six. I guess the question was too long or too complicated.

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