How to give an expected kiss to boyfriend whose taller?

do guys like unexpected kisses and are there any cute/good ways?


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  • get up on your tip-toes, take his face between your hands, and kiss him (if he's a LOT taller you may have to sort of pull his head down to yours)

    • thank you for MH ! you'll rock his world if you do this

    • if you have any other tips... feel free to share thanks already though :)

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  • mine is a foot taller too. i usually just grab his hand and kiss it.
    he doesn't like it when i surprise jump on him for a kiss bc he always tips over a bit lol

  • I think it depends on how much taller, a couple inches just sneak up on him. A foot, not possible.

    • a foot lol :(

    • Yeah I had a boyfriend thaat was a foot taller, not possible when standing. But if they are like chilling on a couch or chair you can still sneak up from behind.

  • I always loved pulling the top of his shirt down to me, kissing him then. Or just grabbing his face, haha!

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