Can studying and dating actually be combined?

Alright, so I'm currently in my 4th year in Physics school; as you might have guessed, it's crazy in there and I've not been doing well so far - even though I scored straight A's in high school. To clear any confusion, I live in Greece, where third grade education is more 'loose', meaning that even though you can pass the courses at your own pace, you have a defined number of years to finish your studies. So I've actually gathered a huge pile of failed courses.

Since I want to pick up the slack and actually do excellent (I'm planning on a Masters in Electronics Engineering and Telecommunications), I've started studying heavily since last year. I'm already improving, but there's another aspect of my life where I'm suffering: love life. Not because I get rejected often, but because I don't try to hard. I'm actually struggling with a light form of depression and doing therapy. Recently, I've taking large strides in this sector: I approached a girl in the bus and we are on our third date, I'm more confident and try to be as social as possible.

The thing is, I'm afraid these two don't mix particularly well. Specifically, I'm terrified that if I get too absorbed in the equations and experimental reports, my social skills are going to fade. What do you think?


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  • Of course - like tea and honey :)

    I'd talk with her about your plans and the demands you'll go through to meet those goals. Make sure she understands to work you must put into your dream :) But no matter how busy, make sure you set aside time in your schedule to hang out.


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  • My boyfriend and I study together all the time, we have a common major and I credit me passing my exams with such great marks to him. Find a girl at your school and start to study with her, meet at a cafe or something. :)

    Good luck!

  • Ya like business and pleasure


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