24 years old, shy and never been on a date, what to do?

I am at a loss of what To do, meeting women is hard for me and I want to meet the right woman who accepts me.


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  • Hypothetical situation.

    Your best friend comes up to you and says. "Next Friday Joe is having a huge party. All kinds of single girls will be there. And we're invited."

    Answer these truthfully.

    1. What is your immediate thought when you hear this?
    2. What do you say to your best friend?
    3. The night of the party arrives. Do you go?
    4. Why or why not?
    5. If you go what do you do once there? How do you act/socialize?

    • I'd probbly chicken out

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    • Do you need this book to be in physical form or would e book be okay?

    • e book will work no problem. But you will need a pad of lined paper. Because it is a work book. In fact I have the physical book but still used a pad of paper.
      I just have this thing about writing in books. LOL!

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  • Meeting people is hard, I agree.

    One of my favorite places to meet people is coffee shops or book stores, because I love books. I'll most likely approach any guy who is sitting reading a good book, it tells you a lot about a person. What I'm trying to say, maybe it's difficult to find the right kind of woman because you're not looking in the right places. For instance, I wouldn't go to a football game with high hopes of finding a compatible future friend or boyfriend- whereas video game store? coffee shop? Much better. Having something in common with someone in the best foundation for starting a friendship/relationship, even if it's just one thing!

    Also, I know you mentioned you were shy, I know it can be difficult to get out of your shell, but you should try. Maybe bring a friend along with you for support when meeting girls, team up! Or ask a friend or relative to set you up with someone- then you don't even have to find them. aha. Hey, play your shyness to your advantage, it can be perceived as cute!

    You could also get in shape (I don't know if you are not already, if you are good for you!), I mean sure it'll most likely make you more aesthetically pleasing (although I'm sure you're perfectly aesthetically pleasing already) but more importantly, it'll give you the biggest confidence boost of your life- seriously, it'll make you feel good on in the inside and outside, even if it's just like half an hour on the wii fit in the morning or a twenty minute jog every night, it'll make the world of difference, trust me.

    Did I ramble a bit? I felt like I rambled. Either way, I really hope you find someone special Anon:)

  • My brother actually made a good statement the other day, he said guys need to learn to crave rejection. It's not easy, but once you start putting yourself out there, it gets easier. Approaching is half the battle. You'd be shocked at what kind of girls you could have just by having the guts to approached. You'd be shocked how many guys (attractive or not) are scared to approach, so a girl is more impressed when a guy actually does.

    I actually had a guy ask me one time why I seem to date the same "type" of guy. My answer was simple, they're the only ones who came up to me. I'd find out later that diff types of guys, some I'd be very interested in dating, had crushes on me but couldn't approach. I date the guys that chose to, it's simple as that. And they're not necessarily douchebag guys either! Often times they're guys who didn't think they had a chance but they tried anyway, and I was very interested!

    • But what are the odds a girl I like would like me or give me a chance.

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    • Lol smile big and get the phone number! worry about the next step later.

    • What do I say to her?

  • If you go to school its easier... Ask your friends to hook you up

    • I graduate so I can't meet women in class

    • Wow sorry I graduated I mean lol

    • Well don't you still keep in touch or have contact info, ask them for help

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  • You don't want a date badly enough, it's as easy as that. People use their shyness as an excuse to avoid approaching people or having basic human-human interaction. There needs to be a new word for people who are claiming to be shy but are actually just terrified of people. "Glossophobic", perhaps but not "shy".

    There's no point to being shy. People are just like you and I. We all want the same thing. If it was really bothering you that you couldn't find a date, you'd try harder.

  • Depends on where you live man. Give us info. What do you look like?

    Sure, being in shape helps. So does aiming a little lower. A lot of my friends are telling me that church is the best place to meet women but I would feel like such a loser for going there JUST to meet chicks. I'd feel like a hypocrite too.

    I'm basically in the same boat you are dude. Except I live in L.A. so people are hella anti-social out here. If you live in the country then you'd have a much easier time.

  • Get involved in a volunteer organization you believe in and I think you'd have a better chance of meeting people.

  • Walk into any bar in LA and say, 'Hey! ,... I know the Doctor' ;-)

    your very welcome in advance.