SO there is a guy, and i was IN LOVE, but.. ?

Okay, there was a guy. I was totally 100% in love with him.. and he felt the same. But we were just friends. And that was a problem, it caused us to "hate" each other. We have both graduated and are working, so we are busy, but i just miss him so much. So its been a few months since we have spoken, and when we said goodbye it was sweet.. but he said its goodbye forever this time. But i want so bad to talk to him.. about a month ago he tweeted about me, but deleted it, so i know he still thinks about me.. i was thinking about sending him a message just saying hello, but im not sure. So should I? I need input.

  • Yes, but you should just try to be friends
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  • Yes, you two are meant to be
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  • NO, don't go backwards, move on..
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  • Look my dear I shall give you the best of my advice. I shall share with you a theory, that I myself came up with. You see my beautiful child, life is simplified down to happiness. Life is simplified down to the wanting of happiness. And whether we know it or not every decision we make is to receive happiness, or at times what we think makes us happy. Life is a beautiful aspect my child, live it, love it, laugh with it. Because that is what life is about my child finding happiness, some make it some unfortunately don't. But they haven't to fear because the world to come is extraordinary. So do what you what makes you happy. If this boy made you happy, you must find him. I hope that I was of good service, and I wish for you eternal happiness my child, because you truly deserve it.


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  • you should talk to each other again find some way to reach out to him communicate with him and go for it weather its him or you the one saying it ask him out on a date or to hang out first allow yourself back in as a friend and get close to him weather you guys are busy try to make time for each other or him first because him seeing you care weather its a goodmorning or good afternoon etc talk to him and ask him out sometimes the girl just has to be the bigger person and take on a mans job by making the first move to him he might think thats sexy of you to ask him out you could be the first girl who does that to him and thats totally unforgettable and thats something he can always remember and cherish when you guys are together

  • Why exactly was the falling out so bad? I'm missing why it's "goodbye forever"