Are we really over? *question too short *?

We've been only going out for almost two months. He recently talked to me saying he couldn't do "this" anymore because he wasn't over his ex and just was infatuated with me and it was a mistake to leave her. He said he never got hard around me like he did with her and said there was no physical attraction he was excited by a new object. I tried to work things out with him but I soon saw he took the picture that said our anniversary date on his IG down. BUT the next day he apologized for his BF (bitch fit) and continued to act normal. The pictures were still down and he just overly upset and said I worried way too much. Is this the end of us even though he never clearly stated were over?


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  • I think he was sorry for throwing a fit. He might even be sorry for informing you of certain facts (like no sexual attraction). But did he say he had spoken incorrectly about those statements? I'm guessing no (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Another words, he is still getting hard for her and that is going to be trouble. Why are you still in the picture? I think the ex- is an ex- for a reason. That ex- probably did and said a lot of bad things to him and there is hurt there, which explains why he isn't running back to her just yet. So you continue to float in the picture as a potential plan B but also a potential plan A if his feelings about you progress further.

    He is fence sitting. I'm not sure how worth it this guy is, its not like you need to bend over backwards to please him. Arguably enhancing your own sexual viability with him (by mainly discerning his tastes) could get short term results. However a relationship needs to stand on its reltional qualities; overshadowing it with the gloss of good sex will not make either him or you a better person, fight less in the future, and so on. My point with this last idea is that it could be a red flag if you can't get more reasons to be liked than just sexual ones.

    • That's the thing... he left her for me. We subtle flirted while they were together.

    • Of course. She's an ex- for a reason.

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  • This is too similiar to my case.
    I guess he is just scared to lose you, but is unsure what he wants. My advice is back-off for now and let him come to you or if it takes too long, go talk him as you had before.
    But if you know he's chasing her ex, dump him. You deserve better.


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  • After hearing all of that I would be on the fence: It seems too honest for him to suddenly snap out of it. or I can also say he had a lapse in his feelings and it was a momentary feeling towards his ex