Do you have pretty girlfriends you're afraid to bring your guy around? Guys- what do you do when the girl you're dating also has pretty friends?

I'm not an insecure person but I do have a lot of pretty friends. I've been dating this guy who's also not bad looking and I want to invite him out this weekend but I have this fear he'll be interested in one of my friends in particular who's also single and seems like she'd be his type too. Ever been in this situation?


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  • Pretty girls attract a lot of trash and think different. My ex would have so many people doing all sorts of things.

    If you are afraid to bring your girls around your guy then this will always be a problem, if he is childish then you need to rethink everything.

    The problem with attractive women is that they don't have the chance to develope properly and go through the life experiences that people experiance naturally.

    If you boyfriend is a boy he will act as a boy, you will find out. life is full of temptation and a man would want you for what is inside you and if you have not developed the inside then you are like a well painted house with a shell for an interior. Once a guy knows a woman is shallow or empty she is traded.

    Good luck


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  • lol some day I too wish I would be referred to as "not bad looking" by the woman I'm dating.

    Don't stress it. If he's not a dickhead he won't do anything. If he does do something, then he's a waste of your time anyway. Simple as that.

  • This is life. we men hit on any ptetty girl if given a chance.
    Remember, never get insecure. Things will happen which has got to happen.
    We never owe a person. We cannot stop by blocking out other people to enter his /her life.
    If he likes you then he will keep dating you no matter what. Otherwise those pretty girls are already there to prove it if he really likes you or not.


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