how would you approach the girl you like?

seriously i've never been in a relationship, i'm just curious what will you do in order for her to notice you? how do you deal with rejection? how will you know if the girl likes you or not? how to make her like you? how to boost your confidence if you have if not how have a confidence and not sound defeated when you approach her?
sorry for the many questions i'm just want to know so i will learn from you guys, i apologize for my bad English hmm...all gender are welcome i hope you can give me tips

Getting rejected is no fun, especially when you having been trying to get the courage to speak to a women over a long period of time.


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  • Break the ice, probably with a joke. Laughter is the way to any girls heart, we love being around people who can make us smile by just uttering a few words.

    Smile at her when you see her, I'm sure you've got a beautiful smile- show it off. A smile from a guy we like can make our hearts flutter

    Flirt with her, pay her some subtle compliments. Take any excuse to touch her. Obviously not too boldly, don't want to put her off.

    Get to know her, ask her questions. Let her talk to you and make her feel like you're really interested.

    If she likes you she'll be flirting back, touching is a girl thing. We take just about every opportunity to touch a guy we like or want to get the attention of, whether it's adjusting their collar on their shirt, touching their arm or playfully poking or punching. Trust me, look for the signs and you'll know

    To make a girl like you just be yourself. If she doesn't like you for you, move on man- plenty of fish in the sea. Be yourself, be a generally nice guy and all should go well.

    Right, for the confidence booster; people all over the world have this problem. They don't believe in themselves- confidence is a beautiful thing. When you approach a girl to ask her out, don't go in their believing she's going to say no. Believe she's going to say yes, because you know what, you're a great guy so why wouldn't she? It's a matter of thinking.

    Right, now if after all that she does say no, for whatever reason, you've got to deal with rejection. Rejection is ever fun. But dude you've just got to power through, don't mope about it, find someone better! She was a dud anyway.

    I'm sure this is nothing you've never seen before, but I hope it helps, to some extent.

    • i don't know if i have a beautiful smile

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    • Women like what ever they want to like. I've dated all kinds of guys, from bookish guys, to athletic guys to artistic guys. I don't have a preference, but you know what just about EVERY girl wants? A nice guy, in the morning we don't wake up, brush our teeth and think 'hm, I WANT to date a leather wearing alcoholic who can't keep his pants on.' We wake up and think 'I wish guys like Justin were interested in me, but it doesn't seem like he is so maybe I should move on.' And BAM. In swoops Chad, the guy who calls his friends 'bro's' and greets everyone with a high-five or chest bump.

      You're too busy over thinking everything to actually ask the girl out so she moves on, thinking you're not interested.

      Confidence does not make you arrogant. I've dated shy guys and confident guys- they're a whole different species.

      Don't be silly. You have a great smile I can tell. And a smile can go a long way! Trust me. A lot is said in a guys smile and how often he uses it!

    • before i smile a lot hmmm...good for you that you don't have an exact preference but some girls like a boy with a bank account of bill gates or the face of ian somerhalder, i said i sound like an arrogant if i'm confident and i think they have misunderstood me, i'm a gamer and artist guys if you dont mind, and i noticed your profile pic i guess you're a fan of bioshock infinite

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  • Well, start with a smile first but don't be so obvious. Make it looks like you just happen to see her there. Then, try to talk with her. Joke with her A LOT. Girls tend to fall faster with guys who can make her laugh.

    Don't try to touch her boldly. Trust me, that will give her a bad impression of you.

    • smile then afterwards say hi?

    • No. Not afterwards. Maybe several days after.

    • oh several days? so there is a chance that i will meet that girl in the next few days, months or forever

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