Whaty is she doing this? What should I do?

I try to keep this as short as possible:

Okay first off, i haven't asked her out yet because we are assigned lab partners and we still have half a semester of lab work to do. Anyway:

My Bio lab partner has suddenly started avoiding me, like I have no idea why. Things were going great, after each lab class we would both get lunch and find a nice place and sit together and talk about everything and anything. She would always look deep into my eyes while we talk and give me her undivided attention. Like there were never any awkward silences or anything. Also, he would always text me first, (eg are you going to this lecture? ) and stuff like that & she would also seemingly get dressed up for me.

Also, everytime after we hangout after our lab & when we part ways we always hug. She would always smile while talking to me and laugh at my jokes. But now suddenly, it's as if she's avoiding me, like if she see's me in a lecture, she won't do anything, and she skipped our last Lab class too!!! (She claimed she was sick, and told me she realllyyyy wanted to come but her mum said she had to stay at home) why is this happening?

i don't think she knows i like her, like i haven't been too upfront about it, like the only thing i do is touch her shoulder sometimes put my arm around her shoulder.(maybe that is too upfront) & she doesn't seem to mind at all!!

by the way I don't know any of her friends and she doesn't know any of mine. We're both 18, first year of college.

I like her and was probably gunna ask her out after the semester ends in June so it doesn't get awkward during lab. So what's going on? why is this happening? have i missed my shot?


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  • Maybe she doesn't think you're into her and realized she's falling for you too much... Or another guy asked her out and she doesn't know how to act normal with you without seeming rude


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