If you learn something new about someone you used to like, if they post something or you hear about them doing/learning something new does it>>?

Lead you to become interested in that person again? Would it make you try to contact them or do something online that might engage them in some sort of conversation? Or even more a date or going out together?

Especially if you don't know for sure if they liked you or not, or if you liked him but never really tried to get them?


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  • No I wouldn't. Depends

    • Depends on what? What would change your mind from the no to maybe or yes?

  • if it seems as though the two of you has always had an unspoken connection and your re-realizing your feeling for her i would try to pursue it. like you said engage more in conversation, drop not so subtle hints of how you feel. dating sure? why not, life is too short not to


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