Girls: things are going fine, texting consistently, obvious level of somewhat mutual interest... suddenly, she is distant one day? why?

In University... I like this girl, it WAS obvious that we both liked each other... eventually asked her out for coffee and one day after that she started sending "kiss faces". However, after the did she started sending "kiss faces" I didn't text her for 3 days ( Friday , Saturday, Sunday) until she texted me Monday because I was super busy, and she seemed a BIT more reserved after that (I wondered if she got the wrong message). But it seemed to go back to normal, albeit without the kissy faces.

Today was our last class together. Before class she texts me to ask me NOT to mention the fact that she smokes in front of her friend because she would not approve. In class, I was picking up (at least I think) on tense vibes between her and her friend... they still talked, but it wasn't "happy" as usual... I tried to talk to the girl that I like and she wouldn't smile at me, just answered with one word, just didn't seem very interested, for the first time. I saw them after class too, they were sitting together at a table but the look on their faces weren't happy... when I said "have a good weekend" she didn't smile at me again.

I was wondering if there WAS a conflict between them and that's why she wasn't talkative, or she was trying to show dis-interest, or WTF? Also, should I text her and ask what that was about, or wait?


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  • If you didn't text her after she sent kissy faces, and she likes you, one possibility is she could feeling embarassed right now because not texting her for three days seems like she misunderstood you for liking her. She might assume you got uncomfortable and needed space so you didn't text her; and to her, that might have seemed like a rejection from you.

    I don't think there would be a conflict if they were sitting together. If there was a conflict, them sitting together means they're talking to resolve it, or, unless they've come to hate eachother to death, they're sitting down to tell eachother to get the "f*** out of my life", in a civilized manner.

    If this chick really likes you, she wouldn't have treated you with that attitude she gave you today unless you pissed her off really bad. Like, if you were pissed off at someone, and saw your crush, and your crush talked to you, would you treat them the way that girl treated you today? Or maybe she unintentionally gave you that attitude, then you can expect an apology from her sooner or later. I don't see what you did except for not texting her. If she thought you rejected her, then I think she's playing mind games to see if you really care for her. That's what some girls do and they fck up the whole friendship because the guy can't read her mind. That's how some girls can make guys go WTF. I dont understand what is going on in her head, maybe she's stressed out with something, or maybe she's an overthinker, or a person who plays mind games after overthinking.

    If you don't believe she's the kind of person who plays mind games then don't text her, wait for her to text you so she can say sorry for her attitude. If she doesn't text you within 2 days, then you can suspect that she is playing mind games. In her game, in order for you to win, ask her why she treated you with that attitude, but first tell her your reason for not texting her for three days. Then BOOM, you guys are all good.

    • Thanks for the great answer, I just saw this. I tried to text her and just pick up a conversation but it wasn't going anywhere so I just dropped it... I have no idea what went wrong. Thinking of texting her when she gets back from her trip just to tell her that I don't know what hapenned but that I just want to be cool or whatever...

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  • One day isn't much, maybe she was busy studying


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