Should I ignore my feelings for this guy because of a family matter, or should I continue?

Okay so here's the deal. Me and my brothers best friend have been hanging out and going on dates for almost a month now. We are going behind my brothers back because we don't know how he will react.

One night we were all drunk and he caught me and his friend cuddling on the couch and he got pissed. The next morning After he calmed down he told us that if we do like each other than it's okay that we continue, and that he was just being a "protective older brother".

So I invited him to a family thing and I told my brother about how he's coming, he texted me back saying "okay, but remember he's off limits". Now I'm confused because he told us both it was okay if we date, but now all of a sudden he's off limits?

What should I do? I am really starting to like this guy a lot each time we talk and hang out. But if I continue than I might lose my brothers friendship.



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  • I think you should tell your brother that you like his friend. If you don't and you keep secretly dating he will eventually find out and it will just be more mad because you his it from him. I think you should tell him. If it goes well he will b ok with it but if it doesn't go well and he isn't then he will probably get used to it eventually.

    • Ha thanks. That's what I'm thinking of doing. I'm just nervous on what he's going to say. I'm just confused on why he told me it's okay, and then now he's off limits. I just know that he doesn't want me and his friend fooling around and messing with each others feelings when we are drunk, which is understandable. But still lol

    • Ya that is confusing. I hope it works out for you though