I want to date, how to get the ball rolling?

I'm about to be 20 years old this year and I want to try dating. I've been in one relationship my whole like for 7 months in 2010 and a quick summer fling with him in 2012. He is also the only guy I have ever kissed. I'm pretty inexperienced as you guys can see. I'm also really shy at times an I don't know how to flirt or talk to guys. I can't even approach a guy without getting nervous. Do you guys have any tips on how I should "get the ball rolling? any advice would be great I really wanna try.

Facts about me:

I'm a virgo.
I'm 5'6 with a nice figure.
I love to kick it with friends, food, dancing, art, and reading.
I'm quiet but really outgoing once I get comfortable.



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  • Depends on what type of guy you are looking for. If you want a confident guy to ask you out, just drop some hints that you might like him. Don't sell yourself too early because you will seem desperate. Dating is basically the human version of a mating dance. It's no fun one party just wants to get to the point.

    If you want a shy guy to ask you out, this will take a little longer. You will basically have to leave no room for doubt that you like him. Once you let him know, he will either muster up the courage to ask you out or you have to do it yourself.

    Good luck!


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  • For me personally it helps to get to the girl a little first or in you're case guy get to know their hobbies and stuff. This will help decide wether he might be someone to date take me for example I am a poet and an apprentice under my father a master caliber oil painter of the old Dutch masters. I typically like girls who appreciate fine classical art and poetry if I find one I'll get to know em a bit when I feel comfortable with em I'll start to flirt a little just little things so they get the hint. And if it turns out they like me as well I'll ask em out and remember it is perfectly normal to be nervous.

  • Just be yourself, and take it slow,


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