Both looking, why not for each other?

I have a very interesting question and comment. I'm one of these people the more I get to know someone. I can get what's called a "scouting report" knowing someone's

strengths and weaknesses. And can see tendencies in people example: from if someone is shy to insecure or the jealous type or a jerk. Or can tell something about what they drink,if someone drinks a soda or water.

At a club or bar means they don't drink, percentage wise I'm maybe 50%

My question should I use it more often to pick women up? or will I be seen as a strange, creepy type of guy?

Which brings be back to a friend of mine, she met a guy on-line. And she thought he was the 1-for her, he was afraid of meeting

me though. And I told my f/friend I had a bad feeling about this guy. And I was willing to lose my friend over this, and I did for about


Low and behold the guy dumped her today,and wants to try and be friends. it's been like a roller coaster w/her,one min. we're friends, next for a bit she wants to be more than friends.

It's been up and down,up and down. i don't mind being a friend But it's like how many more times does she have to get dumped

til I get a shot. And we both our profiles on the same dating website, and i'm trying myself to find someone.

but w/no luck of course. And it doesn't look like i'm going to get my pink slip either.

In other words move on w/my life w/out my f/friend. doesn't seem likely and we talk about everyday of the week. Any advice would be helpful


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  • Does your female friend have a clue that you like her?


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