"Dating" but he doesn't touch me?

Been seeing this guy for about two weeks (doesn't sound long I know) we're both in high school, he is one grade above. But we hangout quite a lot. We've hung out for hours alone on multiple occasions. And we have clarified we are indeed dating and not just friends. But he doesn't hold my hand, attempt to kiss me, hug me etc. He is experienced I am not. I don't think I am giving off a bad vibe but it's a possibility...what are some ways I can make it clear I want him to kiss me or hold my hand? (Don't say take initiative bc I won't haha). Or could he really be nervous despite having been in a long term relationship which involved a lot more than kissing.


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  • He could just be respectful I respect the women I date and touch them respectfully but still romantically.


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