Why do guys, men, get criticized more than girls, women do for being bitter about the oppossite sex? being bitter about lack of success in dating?

It's something I've noticed for a very long time now, if a guy is upset, angry, frustrated and complaining about his lack of success with girls, he is told to grow some balls, be a man and man up, but if a girl is struggling with guys, people sympathize with her, society comforts her in peril meanwhile guys are expected to be on their own, overall, why is personal responsibility expected of guys more than girls? bitter guys get criticized more than bitter girls do, why? this is something that I will admit pisses me off.


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  • Usually, when guys complain about the dating world; they are simply being whiny, borderline crying, and taking their frustration out on innocent bystanders. There's nothing productive about the post and it seems like there's no true desire to move forward, but he literately just wants to sit on the internet and complain then speak to every female trying to HELP him as if she's the one who made him feel that way in the beginning, passive aggressively saying what he wanted to say to the girl that didn't want him. Whereas, generally, guys give girls more legitimate reasons to complain. Now, don't get me wrong; there are some sleazy, grimy, sl*tty ass girls out there who probably deserve the karma guys give them. Also, I'm not victimizing females, I'm just being realistic about the fact that there are concrete, factual situations where guys do f*cked up things, JUSTIFYING females complaining.

    It's not reasonably justifiable to complain and whine because you weren't successful with a female. This is because there are various reasons why the female may not have wanted the guy. Often times, the guy is actually being self-absorbed when assuming that it's all about him rather that the female had her eyes on someone else or it was simply bad timing.

    So yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Not only that, but it's outright annoying when you have a bunch of guys whining, on the verge of tears, about something that EVERYONE goes through. It's a phase that EVERYONE experiences, some people just stay in that phase longer than others.


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  • Guys complain about their inability to get girls while girls complain about mistreated or used by guys so it's different. They aren't complaining about the same thing. If a guy were to complain about being used by his girlfriend - people would feel bad for him as well.

  • Why do guys, men, get criticized more than girls, women do for being bitter about the oppossite sex?
    I highly doubt this is the case as I find saying anything remotely negative about guys is considered misandry. Even if one is saying that guys behave in a similar manner that guys complain gals do. Guys in my opinion, observations, and experiences are rarely criticized without heavy backlash.

    When it comes to dating if a guy is bitter it seems it's gals fault for being shallow, liking jerks, etc. while if a gal is bitter it's her fault for choosing the guys.

    why is personal responsibility expected of guys more than girls?
    Again I highly doubt this is the case considering the female victim-blaming when it comes to male on female rape or any sexual violence against gals. If anything it seems less personal responsibility is expected of guys.

    Either way it seems it's irrelevant if more is expected of guys as it seems gals accept more personal responsibility than guys. When it comes to dating failures I find guys rarely find themselves personally responsible as the only possible flaw of his is being 'nice' and the issue is that gals are too shallow, stupid, stuck-up b*tches to see how awesome he is. While I find gals can often give a massive list of their flaws.

    bitter guys get criticized more than bitter girls do, why?
    Considering the example you gave was a gal struggling with guys vs a guy being upset, frustrated, and complaining I would imagine that guys are criticized 'more', in your opinion, because they are more angry.

  • I personally don't feel that way... I think everyone should take the initiative when they have the chance and realize THAT is what dating is. You are finding someone you could be compatible with. Its going to suck sometimes, there are going to be failures, and rejection obviously sucks but its NOT the end of the world.

    People put someone they like on a pedestal but their shit still stinks, okay... lmao. There are millionnnnnnnns of people on this planet. Also when someone decides they've given up and have that mentality and behavior that comes with it, it shows.

    Like 523... said it is different at times when we're talking about people (not one gender or the other because it happens both ways) being mistreated vs not "getting" anyone.

    At least this is the way I see it and its okay if people disagree with me. Putting it bluntly everyone has to go through it, some are luckier than others with anything in life, and sometimes for those people its not as great as you think it would be.

  • In general... Girls: physical and higher rate of mental pain, real threats to personal safety (abuse, pregnancy) and societal suppression (getting better though!) VS Guy: occasional social and personal insecurities that most men grow out of (thank goodness! because even though this stuff is usually less traumatic than the things on the girl's list, it's still really upsetting).

    • I think I answered this wrong: Guys with girls for friends do get sympathy after lack of success. Guys with guy friends... I guess they don't get sympathy because guys will just tell him to pick up and move on asap. Guys think that the best way to get over someone is to go win some other challenge, while girls think the best way to get over it is to (i'll admit) also go move on asap, but will also realize that that person is in pain and will want to comfort them emotionally.

  • Not in my experience. I've never had any luck with men because I am not good-looking at all. I know this, and so do other people. And yet they say it's my lack of confidence. Men have told me to my face that I am a nice girl, but I am very ugly. I've been friend-zoned by every single male I've liked. One of them I am good friends with, and he is constantly complaining to me that he can't get women, and he needs advice. I'm not exactly bitter, but I do get depressed at times but I don't talk about it. I very rarely bring it up, and I definitely don't hate men. Most of my friends are guys. The only time people blame it on me is when I actually ask for advice about it.

    I stopped asking for advice about it on the internet though because I get the same line: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you just need confidence."

    Considering I do most of the approaching, I doubt it's my lack of confidence. I've been complimented on the fact that I approach. I go in knowing that the worse they can say is no. Some are really mean, and some aren't. The most recent guy was extremely rude. He told me he'd rather be dead then date any ugly 'thing' like me.

  • because women are actually the underdogs, while men just whine about not getting laid.


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    • I wish I didn't have to go to war, I wish I didn't have to pay more for car insurance because I own a penis, I wish I wasn't more likely to be unemployed or homeless, I wish my gender had a lower murder rate. I wish I didn't have male disorders like Asperger's, Down syndrome and Autism.

      P. S. Millennial women now earn 93 cents for every dollar a man earns. The reasons they end up earning less is because of child care in older ages. More wen attend college than men. The reason why only 20% of politicians are women is because it's not a big interest for them as it is to men. I met very few women in college who actually liked history and politics as a hobby.

    • agreed noonelikes me

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  • men are the laborers of life unfortuneately

  • I don't feel bad for either

  • because when a guy fails with a girl, instead of being bitter, he should be going out and fucking ten other girls.

    but when a girl fails with a guy, going out and sleeping with ten other guys is properly not the best way to get over it.

    • Some guys are way too sensitive and they really shouldn't attach so much meaning to something so small. Yeah, rejection sucks. No one likes being rejected. But you don't even know if the girl was all that. She could have came into your life and f*cked everything up for all you know yet guys take it so hard as if she was a golden intellectual, emotional, psychological, sexual prize. 9/10 girls are not that prize and they never will be, not even into motherhood or at the end of their role as a wife. So it's really not necessary at all to "sleep with 10 other girls" to get over some female who probably wouldn't even have been all that great.

    • lol, you are so wrong

      when guys get rejected they don't think "well she might be a horrible person", they think "Ahhh! I will never get to kiss or fuck that girl, Ahhh!"