A question about communication: at what point can I start to be more "up-front" about my feelings and stuff with her? will I look like a wuss?

There's this girl, and we had been slowly getting to know each other. It was a point where I had made my intention/interest obvious, she had picked up on that, so we knew that we were both interested to some degree... I am still trying to "play it cool" and not reveal all my feelings, BUT I feel that has created somewhat of an "uncertain" stage where she might have misread some of my behaviour. Things seemed back to normal, BUT on Friday she acted STRANGELY cold around me, one-word answers, no smiling.

I'm wondering if we're at a stage when I can openly ask her what that was about, of if I'll come across like a "wuss"? It was the last day of class, so if I DON'T text her or anything I feel that might be bad... I don't know.


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  • For how long have you guys known each other? I'm in the same situation as you maybe we can help each other. Haha.

    • Known for for 8 months, but only started to REALLY get to know her/realize romantic interest a month and a half ago.

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    • I would say you can ask her :) You have known her for 8 months so you are good to go. Ah mine has been going on for a month and a half too, we have been on approximately 7 dates. :)

    • Nice at least you've gotten some dates... my situation has fallen apart completely haha.

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