Why does this girl seem mad at me after hearing me say I kissed this guy?

A girl named grace heard me say to my friend that I kissed this guy. he's an attractive guy but i didn't mean for her to hear. since then grace has been avoiding my eye contact and even when I say thanks or try to be nice she gives me a mean look. we werent friends but we weren't enemies either. she's been acting this way ever since she heard me talk about kissing this guy. SHE NEVER EVEN TALKS TO HIM! but still i kind of wonder if she had a crush on him but then again she must not like him that much if she hardly ever speaks to him right?


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  • She probably has had a long standing crush on said male.


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  • I think your reading too much into it because you know she heard something.

    She might have really liked him and they may have spoken online etc - you don't know. Therefore it may be that she's hurt he liked you over her. She's just coping with it.

    Don't ever mention it to the guy though - that would be bitchy.

    But like I said, you're probably reading too much into it.