How to know a guy likes you online?

i need a really good signs



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  • Hmmm, if your like most women you would have not written him back for awhile, You know playing that I'm really busy with other things game. Check and see if he has looked at your profile again. If so he is wondering what you are up to and probably likes you! :) If the emails seem real and not something he writes to every girl I'd say your in

    • Can I've more gd signs ?

      cuz your sign not easy to know

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    • How can you check if he's lookin my profile??

    • Yea the girls are right ^^

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  • How on EARTH can you know online what anyone's real feelings are? I can see that online dating has its place but you can't even really know about anyone except in REAL TIME..!

    I mean, really!


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  • well, based on my experience, he would IM me a lot, write emails to me, asked me to hang out and told me that I was a good friend and thought I was attractive. I never thought he was interested in me at the time. but I didnt' realize until he confessed to me online.

    • What if he's sO mysterious ?

      what if he don't like to say love words ?

      what if he gave you hints by quit ways?