How can I flirt with a guy without being physical?

Everything I read about how a girl Should flirt with a guy is always talking about touching him like by grabbing his arm or something, but honestly the makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable doing that.

I'm naturally a giggly person so my friends say I can't use that to flirt.

So how can I flirt with. A guy and him know I'm flirting with out touching?


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  • Yes ! I have learned that back in the days, most Japanese women use to be able to glair/make eye contact with a man and gain their attention without touching. So if they can do it, why can't you, right?

    Flirting can be done without touching the other person. For example: if you was on the phone with somebody you like and you wanted to flirt with them, are you going to shove your arm through the phone? Didn't think so lol.

    With that said, talking is the most common way to flirt now a days. You can get an vibe by doing so and seeing how much you should say and how much you shouldn't, so resistance is key at times. By simply talking you can elevate your voice up and down to project how you're feeling at that moment which helps when flirting. You can even whisper softly to the other person. In my opinion, nobody wants to flirt with somebody else if they are sounding uninterested.

    Other ways of flirting can be with eye contact as mentioned above. By moving your eyebrows up and down, winking, relaxed eye lids, etc. are ways of flirting. Another popular flirting technique is movement of lips. By licking lips, keeping lips slightly apart from each other, biting lips softly, are all forms of flirting.

    I might not be an expert in flirting but I found these techniques helpful an useful if a woman I encounter don't like being touched much, etc. I'm sure there are other ways to flirt, such as making a nice homemade card, writing poems, drawing, buying gifts, even a dinner with candles and some slow music could be considered flirting!!

    Look into these different ways to flirt without touching as to see which is our best flirting moves as opposed to your weakest, etc.

    In my experience I flirt without having to touch, in a result, it sometimes makes the women want to touch me (depending on what's being said. Example: -Me- my face is so soft like a patch of bear fur! -Lady- oh let me be the judge).

    Hope this helps!


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  • Ok, instead of grabbing his arm, why not give him a playful punch?

    Less awkward right? But still touching. Breaking that physical barrier is real important if you want to clearly show someone you like them.

  • Depends on the guy/man... And his age and interest.

    For me... Get to know my mind and inner self... Then if its your kinda type, flirting will be more like hanging out and spending time (helps if I'm interested too :) ).

  • One way is to jokingly go overboard, like say "Marry me!"

  • Most important thing is eye contact it creates tension (good). Do just like stare constantly though. Dont stress about touching but it is very powerful. You don't have to be all over him. Just maybe next time your talking use the back of your hand to tap his stomach for emphasize on what you saying or to get his attention. It sounds weird to talk about it, but if you watch people they do it all the time.


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