Is she mad or is there no interest?

I met this girl at the club and she has been connecting me by calling me everyday for two weeks. She would call me boo and showed a lot of interest. She wants to date me but that change last night. She wanted me to go to the club with her and we agreed that we would only dance with each other. She would tell me that she would want me to flirt or get with women at work or just in general if we were on the phone. So at the club I when to the bath room and when I got back she was with a guy who she claim was just an friend. I feel like she disrespected me and I told that to her. She tells me that she wants to be with me but she wants to dance with other guys and wants me to dance with other girls. So I dance with her female friend and she gets up set. After that night she was not talking to me as she was before and text other guys infront of me as if it was an joke. She texts me the next morning saying she doesn't think it will work out and that am not her type. I text and call her but no answer. I feel she is saying this because she is upset. It's weird to say something like that about an person who you talk to for weeks every gday when the interest is there. How long should I do no contact for and will see contact me

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  • Ignore her. Make her come crawling back to you.

    • so she will come back, cause really she would call me everyday for three weeks, I just don't understand why she would go to this level, am want to write her but my pride tells me no

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