How to tell you guy when you're not in mood to do more than cuddling nicely, without making him feeling bad?

I haven't seen him in a while and I only wanna cuddle without going further over the next few meeting, how do I tell him that without making him feel bad.


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  • Are you already in a sexual relationship? Have you been a couple for a while now? if yes then was there an incident to cause this that he knows about?
    Without knowing those questions it is hard to say.
    If you are a couple for say more then a month or two. And you have been very sexually active with him. then you will really need to sit him down before hand and explain why you don't want sex. If you haven't' seen you in a while then he will certainly be expecting sex. So if you tell him you don't want it then he is going to take that very personal. Most guys would figure your saying the relationship might be over. because if there is no outstanding fights or whatnot then why wouldn't you want to have sex.
    be prepared for him not to want to cuddle an possibly leave. Sounds kinda bad.

    • dating for few months, kinda had a fight, and went on a break, not sexually active yet just some fooling around, but haven't seen him in a month and I'm seeing him on Wednesday, but I think it's going to take some time to warm up again.

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    • If you haven't started the sex part of your relationship yet, or there has say only been 1 time, there is no reason for him to "expect" sex. he probably is really hopping for sex.
      I still think if you want to continue the relationship you need to talk through everthing with him and explain your feelings. If he cares about you he will understand. There shouldn't be a problem. If he doesn't agree then there is nothing you can do about that, it is already over.
      good luck.

    • ok thank you for your reply ! :)

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  • If you're in a relationship with him, it shouldn't make him feel bad. Just tell him nicely from the start that you're too stressed/tired to do anything more, and so long as you don't lead him on and let him get all turned on only to later find out that you won't finish him off, he should be perfectly okay with it.

  • I think when you're cuddling with him, you should just tell him your body is tired or you're mentally tired to do anything else, like you just want to rest in his arms; and by anything else, i mean going 'further'. If you plan on not going further for a couple of months, then tell him you're not ready for it yet. :) good luck!

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