Has this ever happened to you? That you run cause you are mainly afraid?

You go on a date and you dont expect to even like the guy, girl.
First date is pretty good, than second than third , than forth, than fifht.

By the fifth date, you have spendt the night at eachothers place, had sex, made dinner together. The fifth date was the wow date, where you tell each other you like the other person.

But this gets you thinking, the feelings appear and you get scared, you start thinking that you have to keep your focus at work etc, and you can't fall in love so you run, you pull away, leaving her and saying you aren't looking for a serious relationship cause you have so much going on, and you dont have the time atm.

Why do you do this? Why are we so afraid to fall in love?


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  • its not only about the stated of being too scared to fall in love its also about the fact that you've done all this a bit too quickly (on fifth date!)..take your time..there's no reason for you to be in a rush

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