If a guy is waiting to take a course and he needed to quit his job in order to take the course, so he can't spend right now, would you still date him?

SO this course I am going to take is running for 2 months. I quit my part time job hat I've had for years, tried to move up in that, went to school to move up to full time but nothing happened there or for any other place like it.

after I quit I found this amazing course and wanted to sign up, but the director misled me to thinking that there was a course starting if February , but now I have to wait until the end of may to start it. I don't have a lot of money left and don't want to spend too much, would you still date a guy who was waiting for a course and might be able to get a job after that, though it isn't a guarantee? I need gas money to get down to the course everyday. also the timetable for this course is unlike anything I have ever seen, it runs from 11AM to 6PM, which is retarded. and this is not a school, it is a private place.

would this be a turnoff if your were to hear that?


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  • I would, because I would always want him to be happy.


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  • Yes, money isn't an issue for me in a relationship.


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