Give me some first date ideas?

So I'm kinda new to dating and just want to see what other people like to do on first dates. I know movies are one of the worst first date places to go. Also how do typically ask a girl to go somewhere with you?

"Hey are you free this weekend?"
She says yes.
"Do you want to go with me this Saturday night?

Is that cool?


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  • Yeah your question/approach sounds good.

    First date ideas?

    dinner/movie is the typical "go to" date idea. If you want to be more creative than that & u already know what she's into then maybe u can plan a date around that.
    For example:

    If she's into art... maybe an art museum for a date.

    If she has a favorite music artist.. maybe you can get tickets to a show or a cafe that plays similar music

    If she's into comedy..maybe a comedy club.

    If she likes to bowl or skate or paintball.. a bowling or skating or paintball date.

    You get the idea :)


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  • These three girls said it all :) I always always prefer first dates to be somewhere where you are not bounded to think too much about the people around you. Restaurants are so annoying. I get too nervous about the food because I'm picky and also I don't feel like talking very much because everyone can hear what you are saying.. So I'm not very relaxed a walk is great and especially if ice cream is included. And yes, you can have ice cream no matter the weather.

  • Take her out for a walk on the town in the afternoon and just talk and maybe stop by a cafe or something and buy her an inexpensive lunch, walk around some more maybe do a bit of window shopping and just talk and get to know her and don't focus too much on material possessions. :)

  • I personally prefer something standard and casual. Like dinner and drinks. Especially for a first date. That way you can focus on getting to know each other but have the ability to cut the date short (i.e., skip the drinks or dessert) if you're not feeling it.

    Also, your second question confuses me, "do you want to go with me this Saturday night?" …go…where? lol


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  • I find that hikes are a great fist date idea, always bring a few snacks in a small backpack. I would suggest going out and finding the spot before you go so you make sure its nice and you don't get lost when you take her. and bring a good amount of water