How much would you have to like a girl to go to prom with her?

So if a girl asked you to go to prom with her and you didn't have a date, on a scale from 1-5 , how much would you have to like her to say yes?
  • 1- Not much- she's alright, only talked to her a few times
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  • 2- Just as friends- she's alright looking, wouldn't consider dating her
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  • 3- A little- she's cute/pretty, would possibly date her
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  • 4- A bit- think about her sometimes, would certainly date her if you could
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  • 5- A lot- think about her often, want to date her
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Any thoughts?


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  • I wouldn't have to like her at all. If I have nothing better to do that day then I wouldn't mind.


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