Should I Ask this Girl Out To Dinner Over Facebook?

We used to go to high school together (almost 6 years ago) and we weren't super close friends or anything.
But lately she's been liking my pictures, statuses, stuff like that.
I know it's pretty lame to ask someone out on Facebook but I don't have her number or anything.
Maybe I should ask her to dinner if she is interested and give her my number to text me. That way I won't come off too creepy asking for her number, and it gives her the option to gracefully decline by not texting back and killing my spirit haha


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  • I think you should get her number and then ask her out. Getting asked out through FB is soooo lame.

    • Really? Isn't it worse to somewhat randomly ask for a girls number on Facebook? We're not best friends or anything so I can picture her being hesitant if I just randomly say "hey can I have your number?"

    • No. I think asking for someones number is the same thing you would do if you saw her on the street and she didn't have any type of social media. Its unfortunate that every one hides behind a computer to do everything. Its so impersonal. When I met my boyfriend, what made him stand out was that he asked for my PHONE number. Not a Facebook page. And then he asked me out properly. I couldn't possible take a guy seriously asking me out via a social media site. But that's just me.

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  • Start talking to her more. then ask for her # don't ask her out over fb that is soooo lame!


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