Do online dating sites work??

Okay, I am curious if anyone has meet someone from online site?

How did it go ?

Is the website kind sketch ?

If it dose work how do you start conversation with messages?


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  • I never used a online dating site before, but I have met people online.

    I've made some pretty cool friends online. Some I've known online for over 5 years and some I've met up are still friends with.

    Some were crazy. I've met online crazy stalkers, but they are easy to block. There were two crazy guys I've actually met up. I didn't know they were crazy until I met them. The stories contain one cutting a inch lock of my hair with his butterfly knife and one calling me over 20 times within 30 mins to meet up.

    So because I have both good and bad experiences, I am just more cautious now but still open.

    Oh I heard eharmony works out really well for some people. Although to some it didn't work at all.

    • Holy sh*t, a guy tried to cut ur hair. That sounds really f***ed up.

    • Yes, it was quite scary actually. I didn't know if he was going to make a shrine or is a psycho killer. And those guys actually showed unstable emotions and had a lot of character problems.

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  • My aunt has used them for six months now. While she hasn't found the man she wants to spend forever with she has met some really amazing people and enjoyed the experience. She continues to use them because it has introduced her to such good people.


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  • Well, we've all heard the stories, positive and negative. I think this sort of dating can help to save trouble by eliminating people you couldn't accept because of say, smoking, or the like...but since a lot of people don't tell the truth about themselves, you are also setting yourself up for a big disappointment, aside from actual weirdness you run into.

    It CAN work, but you have to be a risk taker and be prepared to lose the gamble!

    • I do not mind knowing new ppl, but I am afraid of mentall crazy ppl.

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    • Guns, you are kiding right?? And what would a woman do to a man??

    • Yeah, sometimes the guys have guns. I know someone that happened to when she showed up for the date. She ran and he didn't shoot at her...

      I've heard of women attacking men, but of course women just aren't prone to guns in the US, at least not yet.