Guys, how would you react if a girl told you she liked you?

So I have dated this guy before but recently my feelings for him have gotten very strong. I am unsure if he still likes me though!

I feel like I really need to just be up front and honest and tell him that I like him. I just want to be prepared for how he may react (good/bad) so I want some ideas (to help prepare myself) but ESPECIALLY IF HE DOESN'T LIKE ME!!!

Any ideas?


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  • If a girl told me she likes me I would be happy and it's a huge ego boost. I think the main thing was if I liked her back or felt somethign for her.Since you and him dated that helps because im pretty sure a part of hi mhasn't forgotten about you and a part of him will have feelings for you still. How much feelings he still has? Is another thing. So how have your feelings gotten stronger for him? And hwat makes you insure he may not like you? To be honest I think it's better to ask and express how you feel because if not it will be one of those things that you will just think about or guess and assume.True nobody likes to get rejected.And im hoping if you do tell him that you like him that he feels the same way back.


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